telc German for Medical and Healthcare Professionals

German Exam Preparation

Effective communication between caregivers, doctors and patients is critical for successful medical treatment. Prerequisites include good language skills, an extensive vocabulary and the confident use of medical terms. Trust is established with patients, relatives and colleagues through expressive conversation.

The best way to achieve the right level for each exam is to attend a German Intensive Course. At the end of each course you will have reached the right level to master the telc German B1-B2 Healthcare and telc German B2-C1 Medicine exam.

Test Training

We offer special test training courses for both telc examinations. We familiarize you with the test format, and you practice the test once using an official mock exam. The instructor corrects the results with you and gives you tips on the best strategies for completing the examination tasks. Test training can only be booked in combination with a German intensive course. You can register for the exam during your course at the Carl Duisberg Training Center of your choice.

Test Training Course Information

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