High School Program in Germany

Foreign Language Classes Abroad

Our education coordinators at the Carl Duisberg Training Center Radolfzell organize school placements for students, generally in the 9th or 10th grade. The school year consists of two six-month terms: The first term begins between August and September, depending on the German federal state, and the second in January or February.

Support at School

The experienced team at the Carl Duisberg Training Center takes care of all communication between schools and parents in advance. We are also available to answer any questions during the students' stay and make sure they receive comprehensive support.

Preparatory Program for Attending School in Germany

Attending a German school is successful with additional preparation in the form of language courses and intercultural training. Our high-quality preparatory program consists of an intensive German course, a specialized math and science course, English language training and a diverse activity program. [Find out more]

School Placement

Based on the participant’s personal and academic profile, Carl Duisberg Centren selects a suitable school. We provide placement options in public schools and in private schools (with school fees), all of which have their own specific focal points and specialties.

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