Activities and Sports

Discover Cologne

Take one of our guided tours through the old town and historical district. Experience Cologne’s long history of arts and culture in museums that have traditional roots, but also promote contemporary art.

Group Activities for Participants

The team at Carl Duisberg Centrum Cologne organizes a diverse range of activities for course participants each week, in which students explore Cologne, make friends and practice German outside the classroom. The organized activities are included within the program (apart from travel expenses or entrance fees).

There are many activities from which to choose, including visits to museums, sporting events, guided tours and meals with participants from all over the world.

Sports and Excursions

We often organize group barbecues and picnics in one of the many parks in Cologne during the summer. We also take short bicycle tours along the Rhine and offer half-day or full-day excursions, e.g. a Rhine river cruise, wine tasting in the Moselle or Ahr region or visits to surrounding cities. We also organize trips to neighboring countries several times a year, e.g. the Netherlands or Belgium.

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