Closest Banks near Carl Duisberg Training Center:

  • Deutsche Bank (An den Dominikanern)
  • Sparkasse Köln-Bonn (Ebertplatz 1)
  • Postbank (Sudermanplatz 1)
  • Kölner Bank (Kaiser-Wilhelm-Ring 38)
  • Commerzbank (Ebertplatz 13)

Students under 28 years of age can open free bank accounts at almost any bank. Please note your IBAN and BIC number. These two numbers are required for bank transfers. You will find both of them on your bank statement.

How to Open a Bank Account

You will need the following (to open a free student account):

  • Confirmation of resident registration in the city
  • Copy of your passport
  • A certificate from the language school that states the duration of the course ("Certificate of Enrollment")

Cash Services

American Express, Western Union und Money Gram are all located close to the Cologne Cathedral.

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