Health Care and Insurance

Health Insurance

If you are a non-EU citizen, you need health insurance coverage in Germany in order to obtain a residence permit. The insurance must cover the same services as Germany's statutory health insurance companies. Travel health insurance is not enough. As a rule, private health insurance policies for students in Germany provide sufficient coverage.

If you have a foreign insurance policy, the local immigration office will check to see whether it provides sufficient coverage. Your insurance company must provide proof of this in German.

We recommend taking out a suitable insurance policy at Carl Duisberg Centren. Our insurance package also includes accident and liability insurance. Just talk to us.

Third party liability insurance

With an insurance policy that you have taken out through Carl Duisberg Centren, you are automatically covered for third party claims, meaning that if you damage other people's property, you can file claims for damages with your insurance company. You can get the forms at the reception and we will help you take the steps you need to apply.


We have a list of the nearest doctors for you and would be happy to help you make an appointment.

If you have also taken out insurance with us or are covered by the DAAD, we can provide the doctor with the required information about your insurance if need be. In this case, please also remember to bring your insurance documents and the required form for reimbursement.

Please note: Almost all doctors' offices in Germany are closed on Wednesday afternoons. Unfortunately, there are hardly any doctors who speak Chinese.

If you are looking for doctors in your native language, please ask our team or look at: (only in German).

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