German Exams - Professional

Our “Professional“ telc exams are for working professionals who require proof of language proficiency for daily business situations.

telc German B1-B2 Beruf (Professional)

You learn how to communicate effectively, discuss issues in detail and negotiate. You work with familiar professional content, as well as content from less familiar fields. In addition, you have a good range of vocabulary and can write formal business letters, reports and meeting minutes. You have a good command of grammar.

Course Contents

  • Written exam - approx. 180 minutes incl. breaks
    • Reading comprehension - 60 minutes
    • Writing skills - 60 minutes
    • 20-minute break
    • Listening comprehension - 30 minutes
    • Language modules - 30 minutes
  • Oral exam - approx. 20 minutes

telc Deutsch B2-C1 Beruf (Professional)

You can express yourself spontaneously and in detail and effectively engage in discussions and negotiations. You are familiar with idiomatic phrases and colloquial language and can vary your language style in a targeted manner. You have an excellent range of vocabulary for business situations and general subjects. You have a good command of grammar.

Course Contents

  • Written exam (approx. 170 minutes incl. breaks)
    • Reading comprehension - 50 minutes
    • Writing skills - 60 minutes
    • Listening comprehension - 40 minutes
    • Language modules - 20 minutes
  • Oral exam (aprox. 20 minutes)


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Prices - telc Exam German Beruf (Job) B1, B2 & C1 in 2020

Examinations are conducted with a minimum of 3 participants.
CODE Examination Total Fee
70–012 telc German Beruf (Job) B1-B2 160 €
  Book a course in addition to one of the exams listed above and receive a 40 € discount off the regular exam price.  
70–013 telc German Beruf (Job) B2-C1 175 €
  Additional fees for late registration after the registration deadline (possible for up to 8 days prior to the testing date) 20 €

telc German Exam

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