All about the language course

With the Carl Duisberg German Intensive Course, you receive 24 group training units per week with 45 minutes per session. A good supplement to the group lessons is our media resource center "Lernstudio" with six units per week.

A written test and a short oral interview determine the course level in which you will be placed. If you have the impression that you are not in the appropriate group, please speak to your trainer. Here is an overview of how you can make the most of your language learning experience at Carl Duisberg Centren.

Three Golden Rules for Mutual Respect in the Classroom

  1. Please come to class on time. The lessons are a shared learning time, from which all would like to benefit. Arriving late disturbs the other participants as well as the trainer. If you are late, please enter the classroom after the break.
  2. Please come regularly to the lessons. Your participation in class is critical to success. If you miss a class, find out what you have missed and catch up on the work. This will ensure that you reach the language learning goals of the course.
  3. Please turn off your mobile devices during class.


If you have attended at least 75% of the lessons, you will receive a certificate at the end of the course.

Weekly Tests and Class Performance

Weekly tests will give both you and your trainer insight about your progress. The test results as well as your oral participation in class will determine if you can successfully complete a course level and move on to the next. Test participation is mandatory.

Personal Study Time

In our "Lernstudio" you may do your homework and exercises as well as take part in interactive workshops with other participants. A tutor will answer your questions and gladly advise about which exercises are best for you. Your personal study time is an important part of the language course. Be sure to take advantage of every opportunity to practice the language.

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