German Exams - General Language

telc German B1

At Level B1, you are able to express yourself in plain and coherent language when talking about familiar topics and personal interests. You can also describe things you have experienced, describe goals and explain your views. You have a command of the essential grammatical structures.

telc German B2

At the B2 level, you can express yourself clearly and in detail, and successfully argue a point and negotiate. You have a large vocabulary in your field of specialization and most general topics of discussion. You have a good command of grammar.

telc German C1

You can express yourself spontaneously and fluently. You are familiar with colloquial phrases and know how to use various language styles. You have an excellent command of grammar.

Structure and Duration

  • Written exam (Duration: approx. 140-215 minutes, depending on the level)
    • Reading comprehension
    • Language building blocks
    • Listening comprehension
    • Writing skills
  • Oral exam (about 15-20 min.)

Exam Preparation

  • Click [here] for information about exam preparation.

Prices - telc Examinations B1, B2 & C1 - from 2023

Examinations are conducted with a minimum of 3 participants.
Examination Total Fee
telc German B1 170 €
telc German B2 170 €
Book a course in addition to one of the exams listed above and receive a 50 € discount off the regular exam price.  
telc German C1 185 €

telc German Exam

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