German Exams – Medicine & Healthcare

The telc exams focusing on medicine and healthcare are aimed at medical and healthcare professionals. Effective communication with patients, relatives and colleagues is crucial to establishing trust and building relationships. A telc exam offers independent proof of language skills.

telc German B1-B2 Healthcare

telc Healthcare is an exam focusing on technical language for caregivers working in health care facilities and nursing homes. The exam covers terminology and grammatical structures at the B1 and B2 level. The exam is for anyone who possesses a recognized qualification in the nursing profession seeking to obtain proof of B1 or B2 German language skills.

Exam contents

  • Written exam (duration: approx. two hours incl. breaks)
    • Listening comprehension - 25 minutes
    • Reading comprehension, language elements - 60 minutes
    • Written comprehension - 30 minutes
  • Oral exam (approx. 15 minutes)

telc German B2-C1 Medicine

telc Medicine tests the specialized German language skills of doctors at the B2 and C1 competence level. The exam covers terminology and grammatical structures at the upper range of the B2 and C1 level. The technical vocabulary is especially focused on the day-to-day work in a hospital or clinic.

Exam contents

  • Written exam (duration: approx. three hours incl. breaks)
    • Listening comprehension - 40 minutes
    • Reading comprehension - 50 minutes
    • Language elements - 20 minutes
    • Written expression - 60 minutes
  • Oral exam (aprox. 45 minutes)

Exam Preparation

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Prices - telc Exams German Pflege (Healthcare) B1–B2 & Medizin (Medicine) B2–C1

Examinations are conducted with a minimum of 3 participants.
CODE Examination Total Fee
70-010 telc German Pflege (Healthcare) B1–B2 220 €
70-011 telc German Medizin (Medicine) B2–C1 220 €
  Book a course in addition to one of the exams listed above and receive a 40 € discount off the regular exam price.  
  Additional fees for late registration after the registration deadline (possible for up to 8 days prior to the testing date) 20 €

telc German Exam

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